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We believe in providing competitive rates via a nationwide dealer network with outstanding customer service.


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Flexibility sets us apart. Years of experience financing Kiwis means we consider each deal on its own merits. See what you can afford…

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Let’s make buying a car easy.

We are a privately owned business based in Auckland and we believe in simplifying the car buying process. Our relationships with dealers means we can take care of the paperwork and little stresses that can come with buying a car.

Whether you’ve picked your model or just know your budget; our quick, friendly and helpful service will enable you to shop with confidence.

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To apply online with our speedy form. Decisions arrive in your inbox within 24hrs.

With us, you can repay your loan anywhere between 6 and 48 months. This is called the ‘Term’ of the loan. Our most common term is 36 months.
We can protect you against unforeseen circumstances such as redundancy, illness or if your car is written off. For example our Retail Waiver can pay the difference between the loan balance and the amount your insurance company pays for your car. Also, our Lifestyle Waiver can help when you’re unable to meet your loan due to changes in lifestyle circumstances.
Less than 20 minutes. Occasionally we’ll ask you for some extra info to help us approve your loan, but we’ll let you know asap.
We want to give you a loan which won’t put you into any significant financial hardship now or later on. However, if you can afford the loan we can provide you with the sum. Our most common loans range between $8,000 and $15,000.
You only need 3 things: ID, proof of income and proof of address. You can let us know the details of the vehicle if you want to, however we will usually get this info from the dealer on your behalf.

We take care of the paperwork

We can leverage our relationships with dealers to take away some of the hassles of buying a car. We’ll prepare your paperwork and communicate with the dealer directly until you have your car.

· That little bit extra ·

Flexible contracts

We can help you change your contract around should you want to reschedule payments, make an early settlement or a part pre-payment due to your circumstances changing.

Online repayments

We like to make things easy, so for repayments you can use our superfast online payment system, a standard direct debit or any BNZ branch.