Insiders Guide To Negotiation Tactics: How to get the best price from a car dealer.

Negotiating a good price on a car is not a complex operation, even though it can sometimes feel like it.

Car dealers only have 1 aim: to fulfil revenue targets. They can go about this by shifting cars, and or selling car finance and accessories. So, we know what they want. With this in mind, the best way to negotiate a deal is to present a clear way for them to get what they want, while also getting what you want. Sounds easy right? It can be. There’s two main ways of negotiating for a car; ‘the haggle’ and the ‘steadfast’. The haggle involves going in low (as even if you start high car dealers are trained to bump you up) and working up to what car dealers call their ‘best price’. This article shows you how to do the other method, which can get you a far better deal, the ‘steadfast’…

It all comes down to preparedness before you walk in the door, and reducing the negotiation process. To do the ‘steadfast’ you need pick one offer, present it in a certain way and stick to it. You’ll need to know exactly what model car you want, how you’re going to pay for it, and at what price. If you do, the dealer won’t have any opportunity to do any selling, they will just have a simple offer, for which they can accept or decline. To make this as clear as day to the dealer, email your offer to them before you turn up, with your car model + accessories included. Then have a printed out version which you can put on the table, while stating this is my offer.

However in order to do this you need to be certain your offer is reasonable, so you need to put in the prep work and figure out the market rate, this is important. Do this via Trademe and other dealer websites by comparing like for like models sold by dealers. Once you have this figure, you need to show you can pay it. Have your auto finance offer confirmed and your preferred deposit amount ready. Once this is all in place you can present your offer to a dealer. From the dealers point of view they haven’t had to use their time to show you around models, or consult car finance companies. They haven’t had the opportunity to use any sales tactics on you either which normally take place during these processes. They just have a simple decision to make, and haven’t had to use any of their time to make it.

This is the moment when you will get a good deal and a below average price. At this stage, when you have your offer on the table and the dealer suspects you are serious about it, stick to your offer, which you know is fair, and be prepared to walk away. Unless your car is exceptionally popular, chances are they will call you and take you up on your original offer sometime later. Also, it may be obvious, but car dealers in Auckland make a lot of margin on complimentary products, like accessories and car finance. You can save yourself these margins by getting finance approved from an independent company and adding accessories to your car later at an independent shop.

Written by a former car dealer with two decades of experience, who now works in automotive finance in Auckland.

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How to win at car financing

Car dealers are adept at shrouding buyers under layers of confusion with finance, fees and weekly/monthly prices – to the point where it’s easy to lose sight of the actual price of a vehicle.

Car dealers in Auckland also make considerable margin on selling you finance offers, along with the vehicle, and will have the upper hand with dictating finance terms if they also have the vehicle you want.

The easiest way to reduce or stop all of these issues, which can cost you money, is to get finance approved before you even walk into a dealership. Even if you just get pre approval, this will reduce the ability of the car dealer to make extra margin from you and give you an advantage in the buying process. If you know for certain how much you can afford, you can make a reasonable offer for a car in line with this and stick to it. You will be able to negotiate on one price only, the final price of the car. This transparency will help you get a better deal. Even if your car dealer has a better finance rate, you will be armed with this knowledge and able to make a better decision for your budget.

However if you do go with dealer financing, make sure your negotiating revolves around the price of the car and not monthly or weekly payments which can be used to hide the true cost, which may have added fees. It terms of getting the best finance, make sure you know your credit score so you have some reasonably accurate expectations, then shop around before entering a dealership. With your loan approval or pre approval in hand, you will then have the confidence to shop for your car of choice and be able to present your offers with clarity to dealers. For more information on the next stage check out our article on how to negotiate with car dealers.

Written by a former New Zealand car dealer now working in automotive finance in Auckland. (Who loves her dogs.)

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How to build your credit score

How Auto Finance Direct Can Help You Build Your Credit Score

Let’s be honest, it would be great to have the perfect credit score, but an AAA score is essentially unattainable. While that may be the gold standard, for most it’s just a pipedream. Building your credit score doesn’t happen by idly waiting around. Whether you’re looking to build your credit score, or you have other things in mind- Auto Finance Direct can help.

There is a plethora of reasons you may find yourself in need of a loan. You may be looking for car finance, you may be in need of a helping hand to make a dream purchase, or perhaps you’re looking to build credit score.

Auto Finance Direct is an Automotive & Personal Finance Provider servicing New Zealand. Our team is made up of smart and friendly individuals with combined decades of experience who are dedicated to helping you.

No one can see into the future, so it’s impossible to prepare for absolutely everything. When you want your dream car, or hit a financial road block you may not be able to turn to family and friends for a helping hand. That’s where Auto Finance Direct comes in. We are here to help you buy your auto purchase. Additionally, we are incredibly flexible and understanding. If you hit a road bump in your repayments, we can talk about how best to proceed to make life easier for you.

We can assist you with the process of helping build credit score, and getting your finances back on track. How can we help you build your credit score? Actually, there are a few ways you can do this.

1. Consolidate Your Debt

This is an efficient way to build your credit, as unloading your debt improves your score. Don’t worry about getting a new credit card and transferring the new one. Instead, get a loan to pay off your credit card debts, which leaves you with just one debtor. When you have multiple creditors with various balances, it has an impact on your credit score. You can focus on repaying the loan, lowering your debt over time, and constantly improving your score.

This works as a method to building your credit score because your score takes all these various balances into consideration. You’re polluting your credit with all these balances. Once you’ve rolled your debt into the loan, you may want to consider cancelling all of the credit cards.

2. Bulk Your File

If you’re looking to build your credit score because you have little (or no) history, then you’re in a good position. A loan is a great way to allow you to make some large (and wise) purchases, and then build your credit score as you make your regular payments on time. You could use your loan to invest in a new car or another big item that could improve your life.

Personal loans, and auto loans are an excellent way to improve and build your credit score.

3. Clean Your Credit Report

Around 80% of credit reports have inaccuracies or errors on them. Those errors could be impacting your score. So, make sure that you check your report for inaccuracies or errors. Once you have any mistakes wipes from the report you’ll see your score improve within a month.

Now, while cleaning up your report to ensure there are no mistakes some people make a mistake of their own.

A lot of people believe old debt is bad news on a credit report. You pay off your car, or your house, and then you want it removed from your credit history. That’s inaccurate, and just plain wrong.

Obviously, negative items will be bad for your credit score, though the majority of those fall off your report after 5 years. However, good debt that you paid on time and handled well is great for your credit! A long history of good debt is a good thing. So, leave old, good debts on your account for as long as you can. It shows that you have a solid record of repayment.

You wouldn’t want to get perfect scores throughout your education or work and then have that expunged from your record down the line!

4. Automatic Payments

Even just one late payment can have an impact on your credit score. The best way to ensure you pay your debts on time is by being proactive.

You can set up an automatic payment plan so you never miss a payment, or create a calendar reminder to give you notice that your payment is due. If you opt for the latter, you may want to set it for a few alerts so that you’ll be reminded multiple times. Try to set the alert for a time that you will see it and be able to take action, rather than being reminded at work and forgetting by the time you get home.

Car Finance

If you’re interested in car finance, then we can help you there, too. Making a big purchase is difficult, especially during times where you have a lot of outgoings and expenses. So, it’s important to us that we can help people make important purchases, like cars. If you’ve had your eye on the perfect car, but you’re coming up short then it’s time to give us a call to discuss our car finance calculator. We can assist you and calculate car payment, as well as arranging a reasonable repayment plan. No matter what your loan needs are, Auto Finance Direct can help.


Remember, when you apply for credit it creates a small dip in your score. This dip sticks around for a year. If someone has made multiple credit applications, then it’s because they want more credit. There are formulas, however, with auto loans, student loans, and mortgage loans, that factor in making multiple applications while only taking one loan.

If you want to learn more about how we work, or talk about what type of loan would be best for you, then get in touch.

Contribution by guest writer Neil Clough, an experienced auto finance executive.


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